The summer holidays are nearly here,i can’t wait!I am going on my holidays soon it’s going to be great.Well most of it is going to be great but there is one thing that’s bothering me.I am leaving school and going to high school!It’s going to be good but scary.Anyway i have a whole holiday to enjoy before it’s back to working.I don’t even know what i am doing in the hols,i will need to get planning.Friday is a big day for me.Bye bye i will try my best to post in the holidays.Darcie x


We Are Back!

We are back from our trip to larbert high school.It was………….(wait for it) ………GREAT!!!I can’t wait till tomorrow.Today i had science and craft,design and technology.Craft ,design and technology is all one subject if you were wondering.We didn’t do any work but i was still a bit nervous when we entered the school.There is so many stairs and hallways but i am sure (fingers crosses)i won’t get lost.Tomorrow we were told that we would go to all subjects just like a normal day!Today we only had 2 subjects tomorrow we all have SIX!The food there is wonderful and the school is massive!Do you remember when i was talking about the Hub,well i saw that today it’s really cool!I didn’t have anything from the Hub i brought my lunch.I am sorry but i really need to mention this but i can’t believe how many question marks i have put!It was just so exciting.The only thing you need to remember when starting out is Bring A Big bag!Well a medium size, cause you can get a lot of books home and homework.Anyway over all i really enjoyed it!Bye for now i will try my best and get on tomorrow and tell you about my second day at Larbert.

My Second day at Larbert!-It was just as good as the first!Today like i told you we had 6 subjects!!It was just amazing,all the people and all the new places!First of all we went to the hall and we were told that we were to be taken to our classes.First i had Home economics,it was great we didn’t have any of our stuff so the lady just made us cakes.They were very yummy!I would quite like to cook when i am older but not professionally.Anyway,then i had science(i think!) next i had i can’t remember but i did lots!Sorry it was just we were SO busy!lol!Lunch was good as-well i brought my own again.The reason why i brought my own was because i wanted to be sure that i had something to eat that i knew i liked.At 3.30pm we got out of school.I walked home with my big sister as i wasn’t too sure where to go.When i FINALLY got home i ran in and lay on the couch as my feet were killing me.Well at least i learnt some new things.

Day 3-Day three was my last day so i made the most of it!Guess what on day three i took money to get some lunch at school!First of all i did 2 subjects then we had break.At break i had some crisps and a drink that i brought.Then the bell rang and we had to rush to our next two classes.After a few hours of work it was finally lunch!I raced out to the maxi and stood in the line for some pasta from the pasta king(which is like a little shop thing).At the pasta king you can get garlic bread and some juice.I didn’t enjoy my lunch as much as i hoped to but i manged to get something to eat in the end.After lunch we did some activites which were really fun then it was home time.Well i manged it!It was hard but i got through it.It isn’t as scary as it looks.I used to be so scared at things like this but now i have learnt that you need to take a chance .When i heard about last years primary 7’s 3 day visits they all seemed to be very happy about going back in August but i was sure that wasn’t going to happen with me,but i am afraid to say it but i was WRONG with a capital W!

Anyway I had a great time i will keep posting to keep you updated about what i have been up to as it is nearly the HOLIDAYS wooooo!

Busy Bees!

This week is a very busy week for us P7’s.We have been are going to be up to so much.First of all today was just a dream!Kieth Jack(the man i posted about!)came to our school.It was so exciting.We all gathered in the big hall then a few minutes later he appeared.At first he sang a song called Any dream will do,we all sang along with him.Then we asked him questions.Next up the accent on schools people did their performance.It was great,the costumes were so cool.Some of my friends like Nina,Bethany,Monica,Chloe and Rhiann were in the show so it was very exciting to watch.After all that he sang another song which was called You Raise Me Up.He was brilliant at that one.Well he is good at them all.He hit the high notes very well.He is a all round good singer.Soon after all the singing and dancing we whipped Kieth to the library and interviewed him.He gave us lots of good answers,we even got autographs!We really enjoyed Keiths stay at our school,well i certainly did.

Next this week we are going to high school for our induction days!We are going tomorrow ,Wednesday and Thursday!I think it will be quite exciting and interesting.It’s going to be great fun as we are going to a very large new school.I am a tad nervous but not a lot.I hope i get to know the school a little better,i also hope i don’t get lost.But i doubt that!The hub is a place where you can buy your lunch.If you don’t want to buy your food from the hub you can take a packed lunch!I am not to sure what i am going to do!It’s also going to be a longer day,but i don’t think i will even notice!Learning new things,seeing new places and making new friends is what i hope to do!I hope it goes well!

I am not one hundred percent sure what we are doing on Friday.Well that’s all for this week! I will post back to you on how i got on for my first day at the big school!Wish Me Luck X! 




Fashion is the subject i am most interested in.I just love it.Me and Bethany have a Wetpaintall about it.There is fashion pages,Summer pages and tip and hints on how to look good in just a pair of jeans and a tee.You can look gorgeous in anything just add a few accessories and your done.Be careful not to add to many accessories as you can over power the outfit.It only takes a small thing to ruin it!Anyways whatever you do follow your own fashion sense cause there is no use being someone your not!:D Bye for now (P.s feel free to visit our site at


Choices For Life!

Choices for life .On the 22nd of May the primary sevens from lots of schools went to a thing called choices for life.When we were there they did a raffle to see which school a man called Keith Jack would come to, we won!He is coming in June!!!!!If you are a bit clueless to who Keith is there is pictures down bellow.I still can’t believe we won out of hundreds of schools.

Any dream will doHere is KeithDHe is the one with a yellow coat on!:)


 Ijust wanted to ask a few questions.Have you ever wondered what the world would be like if everyone didn’t have education.We wouldn’t know anything and no-one could teach us!We wouldn’t know what to cook like food,wood,plants etc.We wouldn’t even know how to cook.Here is another one What would people do if there was no doctors,firemen,police etc!We would probably be very ill because no-one would know what to do.Ask yourself that one.Please comment me back and say what you think would of happened if any of these events did happen.Thanks x 😀


In the Easter holidays i bought 2 hamsters.They are so cute.I called them Summer and Daisy.Summer is very timid but daisy is the opposite she is so friendly and i can hold her.They are both Roborovski hamsters.Roborovski hamsters are said to me very rare so you might not of heard of them.I have found a site about them and there is lots of pictures.Click  HERE to view the site.When you get hamsters you have to do i lot of work.Here is some things i have to do.Clean the cage-i do this once a week and i usually change their toys around  so they don’t get bored.Feed-I do this only when they need it otherwise they will get too fat.Water-I give them fresh cool water every day.Put them in their balls-I do this 2-4 times a week.I put them in their balls for round about 15-20 because if i put them in for too long they can get tired.Vitamin drops-I put 2-4 drops in their food.I only do this when i put new food in the bowl. Here is some tips about hamsters that i have learnt-Interact with your hamsters but don’t stress them out!Rub your hands in saw dust so u smell familiar to them.Wash your hands if you are in contact with other pets as they will attack!Also wash your hands after you have touched the hamsters or their food.

                 hope you have learnt a bit about hamsters.If you have any questions about them feel free to ask!

Here is a picture found of 2 hamsters.p.s it came from the cool site!(They are   the same kind has mine but not identical!)Sorry it’s a bit fuzzy but visit the site and see more and this one as-well!img_7275.jpg

My Other Hobbies

Here is a few things that i like to do in my spare time.

Draw-I do this alot.Most of the time i just doodle silly things like people and faces.Recently i have started to doodle costumes.I am VERY interested in fashion so i like to draw dresses and outfits.I also like to draw characters.

Write-I like to in my spare time to write stories.You might not know but i have written i whole set of stories about these two girls called Millie and Molly.I think there is about 7 stories.I also write stories about anything.Truthfully i love writing!lol

Dancing-I don’t go to dancing lessons,but i used to so i know lots of moves.I  love dancing,i also make up loads of dances.And i make up new dance moves.

TV-I like to watch TV as i find it very interesting.Sometimes i watch documentaries,sometimes i watch things like big brother or Vanity Lair.They are great.I also like to watch Friends and most programs on MTV.Sometimes i like to watch soaps like Eastenders or River City.I LOVE cops with cameras,it’s great!

I hope you now know more about me!

Bye :(

Today Miss Law left!I shall miss her LOTS and LOTS.I hope we can stay in touch!Today we had a party for Miss Law.It was great we did the V factor,Had food and did dances.We all had a great time but some of us got a bit emotional.Hehe

   To Miss Law,

                        You’ve been great

                         I just wish you could stay

                         I think you will be a great teacher


                          Anyway,did u enjoy your stay, did u  feel happy when u were here.Well i sure did love you being here and it will feel very weird you not being here everyday.P.S hope we stay in touch i will miss you loads.You were great!